About Us

Support the healthcare needs of our community.

The Board of Visitors, Arizona’s oldest women’s charitable organization, has been raising funds for more than 100 years to support nonprofits in the greater Phoenix community that serve the healthcare needs of women, children and the elderly. The journey began in 1908, with 16 women volunteering to visit patients at St. Luke’s Home, a tuberculosis sanatorium. These volunteers become The Board of Visitors who in addition to visiting patients began raising funds for the sanitorium which eventually became St. Luke’s Hospital. When the hospital sold in 1996, The Board of Visitors became a 501(c)(3) and continued fundraising for the healthcare needs of the community.

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The Board of Visitors raises funds through donations and three fundraisers. The Annual Charity Ball, Arizona’s oldest fundraising event, Care Card Arizona’s largest retail fundraiser and the Fashion Show Luncheon which for more than 70 years kicks off the holiday season.

The Board of Visitors Executive Committee 2024-2025

Kiley Ward, Chair

Amy Hall, Chair-Elect

Betsy Haenel, Associate Advisor

Lana Holmes, Bylaws/Parliamentarian Chair

Shannon Goldwater & Sarah Shannon, Care Card Co-Chairs

Katie Chester, Charity Ball Chair

Molly Bland, Communications Chair

Kate Arthur, Corresponding Secretary

Betsy Haenel & Karen Kotalik, 71st Annual Fashion Show Luncheon Co-Chairs

Stacey Kelly & Ashley Ragan, Grants Co-Chairs

Susie Garlick, Long Range Planning Chair

Laura Westfall, Membership Chair

Pam Kolbe, Nominating Chair

Christine Fortman, Program Chair

Judy Wentworth, Recording Secretary

Amy Mahoney, Treasurer

Helen Yeung, Assistant Treasurer

Katie Stooks, Technology Chair

Since 1908, The Board of Visitors has granted millions to serve the healthcare needs of the greater Phoenix community.